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Focuses on the needs of residents in accommodation, education, employment, financial assistance, family relationship and emotional stability.

   Residential Rehabilitation


Residential Rehabilitation Programme helps the residents to work on root issues and addictions through suitable therapy, counselling and Relapse prevention workshops. The residents learn self-awareness, rebuild their self-esteem and image in the recovery process.

Spiritual Therapy


We believe that faith in God is the anchor to their recovery, renewed life and breakaway from addiction.

As part of the recovery and reintegration programme in Spiritual Therapy, the residents attend Bible-study and Sharing sessions on a regular basis, as well as Church Services on Sundays.


Relapse Prevention Psycho-education & Group work


Every resident must undergo an 11-session Relapse Prevention Programme as part of the recovery process.


The programme touches on important elements such as

  • Identity

  • Denial,

  • Powerlessness

  • Moral Values

  • Harmful Effects of Drugs/Substances

  • Triggers

  • Hi-Risk Situations

  • Refusal Skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Goal-setting

  • Decisional Balance

  • Anger Management

  • Emotional Regulation techniques

  • Roadmap to Recovery

  • Gratefulness.


As part of the rehabilitation and reintegration programme, the residents are taught topics on money management too. 




Counselling sessions include individual and family counselling. Where required, marriage and family counselling sessions are also conducted for mediation and guidance to help the residents and spouses restore their marriage and relationships. For many of the residents, one of the obstacles to overcome is emotional baggage from past hurts.


Work Therapy

Work can distract one’s mind from negative thoughts and dwelling on the past. It provides an avenue for the residents to put their creativity into work, to learn a skill and to earn an income. Started by our volunteers in 1996, our halfway house has its own baking and craft therapy programme where the residents are taught the skills of baking and handicraft  work. The cookies, curry powder, cakes and handicrafts are sold for residents’ pocket  money. If you are looking for a gift of our homemade goodies, do place your order with us.

Assistance and Referral

Case Management will assess the needs of the individual to assist residents with application for Accommodation, Financial assistance, Medifund and medication subsidies, Education grant and seek out relevant community resources. One organization, Yellow Ribbon Funding supports the upgrading of skills for offenders.  

Career Guidance and Employment

During job internship when residents are placed to work in a company, an assigned social work associate will discuss various career options that are suitable for the residents and follow up with the employer’s feedback to guide their progress.


  Staying Connected

The Aftercare Services was established in 2000 with the intention to support the former residents and to encourage their reintegration with families and society while learning to provide for their families. Through various planned activities and working closely in partnership with community partners, we continue to render support to the women and their families.


 Community Outreach

Is part of TTP Outreach Programme for residents. By learning to give back to the community, the women learn to understand the needs of the less fortunate in the community. In doing so, they may be touched to be volunteers in the future.

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